Music For Superlearning & Improved Study Results

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One of the first super learning tools you will discover is how to use "superlearning music".  This is baroque music at a very particular tempo (close to 60 beats per minute).  There are two ways of using this music for study and learning.

First way is called a "passive concert".  It is easy - just play the music very, very quietly in the background when you are studying or creating.  Just loud enough to hear.  It increases the level of alpha waves produced in our brains - which helps us with calm concentration.

The second way to use this music is to create an "active concert".  With this tool, you read out loud the material you want to learn - with the music playing in the background - and record it.  You then listen to that as often as you can.  Easy.

One power tool you may want to get your hands on straight away is Superlearning & Relaxation Music CD.  It is available from Amazon in premium format, and is perfect for students of all ages. CLICK HERE

Kindergartens use this music as quiet time background, parents to be play it softly to their infants.  It is perfect for both active and passive concerts.  And it makes a great gift for any student.