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May 17, 2015

Super Learning Music & Tools for SuperLearning

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Welcome To The Secret Weapon for Turbo-charged Learning – The Superlearning Music Instruction Page

What if there was a simple and elegant way to help you learn more easily – that did not require you to do anything much different, that cost less than $10, and that did not hurt at all?  (Plus – just so you can practice your faster learning you get a BONUS Speed Spanish & Speed Reading Course!  See Below)

Well,  stand by for some great news.

The answer to the question forming in your mind is a very special kind of music, played at a very special tempo.   Played just loud enough to hear, and played as you study, read or creatively imagine.  Softly in the background.

Here is the technical part.  Baroque music has a particular structure that evokes more ‘alpha waves’ in our brains.  All Baroque style music does this.  But here is the very cool part.  Baroque music at 60 beats per minute [BPM] causes an eruption in alpha wave production – it is like a tsunami of alpha waves.

OK.  I did say it was a bit technical.  This is relevant because when our brains have more alpha waves – it is in a perfect state for learning! Our normal brain has mostly ‘beta’ waves.  These are great for getting things done.

But “beta waves” are not terribly great for creativity, calmness, and using BOTH SIDES of our brain.

Oh – did I mention that this music increases alpha wave production on BOTH SIDES – which allow us to use MORE BRAIN POWER!  But you already knew that didn’t you.  [if not you need to join the Super Learning 101 Newsletter.]  You probably also knew things like – if you use coloured pens/markers instead of the boring blue and black – more of your brain is engaged – and you got it – better recall and more insights!

Click on the video in the top right corner and listen to this almost hypnotic music.  You will find yourself increasingly calm, relaxed – and so your brain is going into SUPER POWER Learning mode.  Try it.

Then get the MP3 or CD and you have taken your first steps to getting to the A-League of learning efficiently.

Here are some options to explore.  The first couple are about purchasing the music – just so you know what to do after listening to the samples. To get the free Superlearning Music samples – join our free Superlearning 101 Mini-Ecourse & Newsletter.

1. Buy the Superlearning & Relaxation Music CD.  You may want to do this after you have had a listen to the free samples in MP3 below.  Just follow this link to our delivery system.  Price is $US19 plus delivery which is not much.  We guarantee you will enjoy it – or send it back for a refund.  It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more efficiently – or who just likes nice music.  As a gift it will get you into the good books of anyone you give a copy to.  If you need to do some creative thinking – just buy it right now – it is the best.


Here is the link:   Go to Secure Superlearning Music CD Order Form This link takes you to our factory page - who will lovingly pack it and send it to you in superfast time - no matter where you live.  Or you can get it from Amazon - and save on delivery if you are a member of Amazon Prime!  Just use the link in the right column or click here to go to Amazon.

2. Buy the music in MP3 for immediate download.  It is $US4.95 and you can use your credit cards or Paypal.  Once the transaction is complete you will be directed to a download page.   Here is a list of the SuperLearning Music tracks you will receive right now when you choose this option:

[wlm_paypalps_btn name=”SuperLearner Member Single Payment” sku=”C1F4EFFC13″ btn=”pp_buy:l”]

When you choose the Download Option for only $4.95 – you will find two (free) great mini-courses in the Members Area – Speed Spanish and Speed Reading.  These two products are simple and easy to follow and to apply straight away.  Faster reading is always better, and learning a new language helps increase the bridge between your left and right brain hemispheres – making you a learning powerhouse!

This CD of over 59 minutes has 23 complete tracks from the Baroque era.

Played live on an Ignacio Fleta [1968] Guitar by Maestro Peter Gore-Symes.

Here is the list of tracks. It is the form of Composer – Title – Track Length

1. A. Scarlatti – Gavotte – 3:51
2. JS Bach – Prelude from Cello Suite – 3:51
3. D. Scarlatti – Sonata L423 – 2:39
4. JS Bach – Allemande (Cello Suite 3) – 5:51
5. JS Bach – Gavotte (Cello) – 2:05
6. JS Bach – Be Thou Near Me – 2:17
7. G. Sanz – Espagnoleta – 1:36
8. G. Sanz – Rujero – 2:00
9. Anon – Gavotte – 1:44
10. Anon – Trezza – 1:33
11. Anon – Allemande – 1:52
12. R. de Visee – Allemande – 1:58
13. S. de Murcia – Cancion O Tocata 1:45
14. G. Platti – Allegro – 5:59
15. S. Weiss – Bourree – 5:05
16. G. Brescianello – Menuett – 2:30
17. Count Bergen – Bourree – 1:35
18. D. Kellner – Aria – 2:08
19. Francisque – Branle – 2:26
20. Johann Logy – Sarabande – 1:56
21. Johann Logy – Gigue – 1:26
22. G. Brescianello – Entree – 1:39
23. Anon – Gigue – 1:10

To purchase this Super Learning Music MP3 Album  just click on the Buy Now button directly below.  It is a secure site.  

[wlm_paypalps_btn name=”SuperLearner Member Single Payment” sku=”C1F4EFFC13″ btn=”pp_buy:l”]



Superlearning 101 will also give you the best ways to use the music and other superlearning tools.

To Obtain the Free Samples simply join the Free Superlearning 101 Newsletter and Mini E-Course and you will immediately be sent the links to the download page that will have both 30 and 90 second samples.

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