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How to Learn Anything – Super Fast
The Human mind is like a rain cloud. Why So? Well, a raincloud contains billlions of water molecules in the form of vapour or droplets which are dispersed everywhere within the cloud. As the temperature cools or as the droplets come close to each other, they coalesce. This continues until a critical mass is reached when the droplets become too heavy for the air to sustain and they fall to the ground as raindrops.

Similarly, the trillions of tiny packets of information or data that the human brain takes in from it’s senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) fills up the brain just like the tiny water droplets that fill up a raincloud. Then, just like a raincloud which coalesces water, the tiny packets of data in the brain coalesce to form coherent and understandable streams of information. Therefore, starting from completely meaningless bits of information, the brain is able to somehow find the connections between these bits of information and it then links them together in a logical way to form relevant and useful streams and blocks of information.

Now, if we follow this logical argument, then it becomes clear that if we feed the brain with all the information it needs in ANY subject matter, without worrying about whether or not we actually understand what we are actually feeding it with, and then TRUSTING the brain to make the required neural connections between this disparate information, then amazing outcomes will take place and we will start to suddenly learn and understand all sorts of complex subjects without even trying. The Secret is to TRUST your brain to make connections where they are relevant and to TRUST your brain to do what it does best – that is, to process and provide tangiable information from a mass of totally unconnected and incomprehensible information which it receives form the senses. The brain does this every second of every day. So basically, you can learn anything very fast and understand the subject deeply and with only a fraction of the effort you may put in to learning something the conventional way. This is the stuff of Geniuses – however, anyone can use it to be a genius themselves.

Applyimng this logic in any walk of life, be it languages, science, mathematics, medicine, business or IT, will bring the learning results you want faster and deeper.

Welcome to a New World of learning that which you never thought possible.

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