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Japanese Woman Hits Fastball Using Photoreading
The ability to “see the ball still,” can be traced back to more ancient techniques known as mushin no shin, or mushin for short. It was a state of mind that ancient warriors (samurai) claimed to go into during a fight. I myself am trying to accomplish this with much guidance and some success. To follow my progress, follow the link below. Preferably you should start reading from the first post. But if not, I think post #011 is what you’re looking for… http://fifthring.wordpress.com/index-of-posts/

But what about this woman claiming that it was photoreading? It wasn’t photoreading. My guess is that this clip is just a marketing gig. Photoreading is just a different way of reading, which may not give you the amazing abilities you may hope for. But to find out more about it, you can follow my review of photoreading and speed reading… http://fifthring.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/photoreading-and-speedreading-relaxing/

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