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Faster Than a Kiss – The Walk
I recently started reading yet another adorable series called Faster Than a Kiss. It brings back memories from Dengeki Daisy. Hoping I get to read more soon. Until then, here’s a little something. I might go back and edit the faster section when I have a different program to do that with over fall break, but right now, you can just view what I’ve got.

I suppose the story with this song as far as relating to this manga is that it kind of reminds me about the things we say in relationships sometimes and really don’t mean. Like if we tell someone we don’t like them and we actually do, it’s more because we’re afraid to go and mess something up. The leading man in this manga is deathly afraid of doing something that will hurt his lady, so he keeps an almost painful distance at times. And yet, he’s inevitably drawn towards her anyway…

Disclaimer: Imogen Heap and Faster Than a Kiss have absolutely no association to each other or to me as an individual. Please support the artists by purchasing their products.

Manga: Faster Than a Kiss

Music: Imogen Heap ~ “The Walk”

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