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Speed Reading Test

bWare Speed Reading Level 1
Train Your Eyes And Brain To Read At Much Faster Rates. Increase Your Perception Of The World Around You.

Start With This Exercise. Do the Exercise Daily. When/If Exercise Seems To Slow Move On To Level 2.

Reading Speed Test Available At http://freedumb.741.com/

WARNING: Flashing Screens & Colors

Hello You have stumbled upon some old videos I made awhile back they seem to have become a bit popular in the time I’ve been away these video were not hard to make but a little time consuming. I working on making newer versions of these video and updating them with higher quality and better more complete content.

I would also Like to Add a Website that could track a user progress and help them navigate the exercises. I’m good with video program and can handle the animation No Problem However the website is a little bit more than I understand If there is anyone out there willing to help with the coding and any of the development I would really appreciate You Can Email me at bware333@gmail.com.

I believe in free content and will always keep everything done on this project in the public domain

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