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Binaural Beats Scientific Studies

Anxiety / Depression Treatment – Hemispheric Stimulation Experiment (Based on Scientific Research)
Experimental Isochronic tone audio to help people with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. listen to this every day for one month to and report your experiences. Be sure to use stereo headphones (MAKE SURE THEY’RE ON THE RIGHT WAY ROUND). Also, it’s best to be lying down somewhere comfortable with your eyes shut. **************This is not intended as a replacement for the care of your physician**********

“The depressed brain seems to exhibit lower overall brainwave amplitudes, and seems particularly deficient in the beta range. Alpha also seems overly abundant frontally, in the left hemisphere, and deficient in the right. You could say that the right hemisphere, which tends to be loosely associated with emotions, needs to be calmed down, while the left hemisphere, loosely associated with logic and rational thinking, needs to be stimulated into taking a more dominant role.

For people who are or have been chronically depressed, this may sound more than a little bit familiar. Rational thoughts play no part in depression.”


Based on this research, I have used the following specs:

Beta in the right ear to stimulate the left hemisphere (20hz)
Alpha in the left ear to calm down the right hemisphere (10hz)

Please note that this audio is purely experimental and should not be used as a replacement for the consultation of your doctor/therapist.

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