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Binaural Beats Study And Learning

Accelerated Learning MK3 ✍ Super Learning Study Aid ✍ Binaural Beats for Study Focus & Memory
Accelerated Learning MK3: Super Learning Study Aid – Binaural Beats for Study Focus & Memory –

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Stand out from your peers and take studying to the next level! You can either play these alpha binaural beats alone, or in combination with your favourite study music for an increase in focus, concentration and memory retention. Choose between a low, medium or high pitched tone by clicking on the annotations and load up your music in a separate tab. You may want to bookmark and/or add this to your ‘favourites’ so you can quickly load it up whenever you study!


Wear headphones or place your head within the centre of your speaker’s stereo field. Load up your music in a separate tab/window, and adjust the volume of the binaural beats so that they play subtly in the background. They should not be obtrusive in any way, but you should notice that they’re missing when muted.

Tip #1: Take a break every 30 minutes for 5-10 minutes at a time for a more effective study practice

Tip #2: Use instrumental rather than lyrical based music


The frequencies shift throughout the entire Alpha spectrum – that’s 8 to 12hz. This pattern repeats throughout the entire audio. Alpha is very effective when it comes to studying as it creates the ideal state for super learning, memory retention and the ability to really focus on the task at hand.


Just in case the annotations don’t function properly on your mobile device, here’s a set of timestamps

Low Pitch: 0:00:00
Medium Pitch: 1:00:00
High Pitch: 2:00:00


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